Data Printing & Fulfiment Services

Secured data printing

Documents issued by banks and insurance companies to their customers often involve confidential and personally customised data of their customers, such as addresses, account numbers, insurance policy numbers as well as other personal data. Accordingly, the content of each printed document in the sale orders will vary between different customers of our bank, insurance company and fund house customers, which requires specialised software and hardware to support such secured data printing services. Substantial capital investment has been made by us in respect of our machineries and equipment for this purpose. We have printing systems and relevant software for printing in different paper size and data format, and can automatically process large volume of customised data for bank, insurance company and fund house customers. Our design and typesetting units for commercial printing services are located at our production base and is linked to our printing facilities to ensure confidentiality of information and to enhance efficiency. The above capability allows us to maintain stable relationship with reputable banks, insurance companies and fund houses in Hong Kong, especially at times when massive production of secured data to their customers is needed. For example, in 2001, we have proven our capability, efficiency and professionalism in successfully executing a project for a leading bank in Hong Kong with international branch coverage involving the processing and printing of secured data printing as well as direct mailing of over 3.7 million sets of documents in a time span of two weeks, which was completed error free and securely.

Lettershopping and direct mailing

We also provide a full array of lettershopping and direct mailing services. With the investment of automated folding and insertion machines (for making of envelopes and flipping and insertion of printed documents into the envelopes mechanically), we are able to provide lettershopping services for banks, insurance companies as well as other corporate customers which require large scale customised documents to be delivered to their end customers in a centralised environment. In addition, we also offer direct mailing services to such customers to dispatch the customised document printed by us through normal postal arrangement.