Digital Printing & Document Solutions

Digital printing

Our digital printing service is specially designed for generating large volumes of B/W and full colour printout directly from computer files, apart from data processing, sorting and merging capabilities. We can boast of major investments in the most advanced and sophisticated equipments. The powerful hardware support at our printing facilities is compatible with all common software and programmes and is reputed for delivering high resolution printouts at awesome speed for both B/W and full colour assignments.

Hardcopy "legacy" documents can be, on the other hand, scanned onto the computer for fast production. The imaging tools help to polish and improve the documents. By using the functions of variable data processing and personalization, clients' documents can be personalized and printed as requested. Extensive digital document library can also be built to eliminate the need for stocking hardcopy documents.

Document solutions

In view of our clients' demand for one-stop printing services, we are extending comprehensive document solution services, including binding, poster production by image merging, banner output, B/W and colour photocopying, digital plotting, bulk copying and facsimile services, as well as mailing services.

Following our strategy of intensive investment in machineries and people, our document solution business is committed in providing dedicated products to our clients through leveraging on its abundant resources.